Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Step 7. Influencing OSPF DR/BDR election




This configuration is based on step 6.

The OSPF configuration:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<OSPFASConfig xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="OSPF.xsd">
  <Router name="R3" RFC1583Compatible="true">
    <BroadcastInterface ifName="eth0" interfaceOutputCost='0' routerPriority="10" />
    <BroadcastInterface ifName="eth1" interfaceOutputCost='0' />
  <Router name="**" RFC1583Compatible="true">
     <BroadcastInterface ifName='eth[*]' areaID='' interfaceOutputCost='0' />
     <PointToPointInterface ifName='ppp[*]' areaID='' interfaceOutputCost='0' />


The configuration in omnetpp.ini is the following:

[Config Step7]
description = "Influencing OSPF DR/BDR election"
extends = Step6

# increasing the router priority of R3

*.R*.ospf.ospfConfig = xmldoc("ASConfig_priority.xml")



Sources: omnetpp.ini, Network2.ned, ASConfig_priority.xml


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