Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Measuring Queueing Time


In this example we explore the queueing time statistics of queue modules of network interfaces.

INET version: 4.4

The Model

The queueing time is measured from the moment a packet is enqueued up to the moment the same packet is dequeued from the queue. Simple packet queue modules are also often used to build more complicated queues such as a priority queue or even traffic shapers. The queueing time statistics are automatically collected for each of one these cases too.

Here is the network:


Here is the configuration:

network = QueueingTimeMeasurementShowcase
description = "Measure queueing time in the switch"
sim-time-limit = 5s

# source application ~96Mbps throughput
*.source.numApps = 1
*[0].typename = "UdpSourceApp"
*[0].source.packetLength = 1200B
*[0].source.productionInterval = exponential(100us)
*[0].io.destAddress = "destination"
*[0].io.destPort = 1000

# destination application
*.destination.numApps = 1
*[0].typename = "UdpSinkApp"
*[0].io.localPort = 1000


Here are the results:


Sources: omnetpp.ini, QueueingTimeMeasurementShowcase.ned


Use this page in the GitHub issue tracker for commenting on this showcase.