Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Peeking Under the Hood


This showcase demonstrates that the scheduling and traffic shaping modules can work outside the context of a network node. Doing so may facilitate assembling and validating specific complex scheduling and traffic shaping behaviors which can be difficult to replicate in a complete network.

INET version: 4.4

The Model

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The network contains three independent packet sources which are connected to a single asynchronous traffic shaper using a packet multiplexer.


The three sources generate the same stochastic traffic. The traffic shaper is driven by an active packet server module with a constant processing time.

network = PeekingUnderTheHoodShowcase
sim-time-limit = 1s
description = "Traffic shaping several packet sources directly"

*.numSources = 3
*.source[*].packetLength = 1000B
*.source[*].productionInterval = exponential(0.5ms)

*.meter[*].committedInformationRate = 8Mbps
*.meter[*].committedBurstSize = 10kB
*.meter[*].maxResidenceTime = 10ms

*.server.processingTime = 0.1ms






Sources: omnetpp.ini, PeekingUnderTheHoodShowcase.ned


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