Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Measuring Packet Delay Variation


In this example we explore the various packet delay variation (also known as packet jitter) statistics of application modules.

INET version: 4.4
Source files location: inet/showcases/measurement/jitter

The Model

The packet delay variation is measured in several different forms:

  • Instantaneous packet delay variation: the difference between the packet delay of successive packets (packetJitter statistic)

  • Variance of packet delay (packetDelayVariation statistic)

  • Packet delay difference compared to the mean value (packetDelayDifferenceToMean statistic)

Here is the network:


Here is the configuration:

network = JitterMeasurementShowcase
sim-time-limit = 5s

# source application ~96Mbps throughput
*.source.numApps = 1
*[0].typename = "UdpSourceApp"
*[0].source.packetLength = 1200B
*[0].source.productionInterval = exponential(100us)
*[0].io.destAddress = "destination"
*[0].io.destPort = 1000

# destination application
*.destination.numApps = 1
*[0].typename = "UdpSinkApp"
*[0].io.localPort = 1000


Here are the results:


Sources: omnetpp.ini, JitterMeasurementShowcase.ned


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