Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Measuring Packet Jitter


In this example we explore the various packet jitter statistics of application modules.

INET version: 4.4
Source files location: inet/showcases/measurement/jitter

The Model

The packet jitter is measured in several different forms:

  • Instantaneous packet delay variation: the difference between the packet delay of successive packets (packetJitter statistic)

  • Variance of packet delay (packetDelayVariation statistic)

  • Packet delay difference compared to the mean value (packetDelayDifferenceToMean statistic)

Here is the network:


Here is the configuration:

network = JitterMeasurementShowcase
sim-time-limit = 5s

# source application ~96Mbps throughput
*.source.numApps = 1
*[0].typename = "UdpSourceApp"
*[0].source.packetLength = 1200B
*[0].source.productionInterval = exponential(100us)
*[0].io.destAddress = "destination"
*[0].io.destPort = 1000

# destination application
*.destination.numApps = 1
*[0].typename = "UdpSinkApp"
*[0].io.localPort = 1000


Here are the results:


Sources: omnetpp.ini, JitterMeasurementShowcase.ned


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