INET Framework

An open-source OMNeT++ model suite for wired, wireless and mobile networks.
INET evolves via feedback and contributions from the user community.
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INET is open source, and its future largely depends on where the user community wants to take it. Be part of the success!

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Contribute to INET while getting your degree, or in your free time. Some ideas you can look at.



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Heading towards INET 4.0 (Jun 3, 2016)

With the release of INET 3.3 we are starting to work towards INET 4.0 which will cotain numerous improvements that will require OMNeT++ 5.0. INET 3.3 is the last release that will work with both OMNeT++ 4.6 and 5.0.

Git Changes After the INET 3.0 Release (Jun 25, 2015)

Now that INET 3.0 has been released, we made some changes to the git repository:

Update on Coverity and PHY Modeling (Jan 26, 2015)

We added a bit/symbol-level physical layer model for the IEEE 802.11 OFDM PHY...