Downloads of stable releases are available here and possibly in the Download area of the github projects. It is recommended that you use the latest stable release for projects.

Latest release:

Older releases (please do not use them for new projects):


The INET and INETMANET repositories allow you to download the latest, "bleeding edge" development sources as snapshots. These snapshots cannot be guaranteed to work, and are generally not recommended for daily use. We suggest that you get in touch with the developers and ask about the code status before you start hacking on a snapshot.

For more information and pointers to the repositories, visit the Development page.

From time to time we create preview releases from the development branch (they all have an odd minor version). These are guaranteed to compile and somewhat more tested than the snapshots downloaded directly from the repository. You can preview new features using these builds, but also can expect major changes between builds. Do not use them for your research if possible.

Latest development version:

Older development versions:


INET requires OMNeT++ to work. If you are new to OMNeT++, make yourself familiar with it first, otherwise you won't be able to use INET. At the very least, go through the TicToc Tutorial.

After unpacking the INET tarball (tar xvfz INET-<version>.tgz), start the OMNeT++ IDE, import the project via File->Import->Existing Projects to the Workspace, and build with Ctrl+B. Then you should be able to launch example simulations. Please read the INSTALLATION file carefully before building.

Helpful pages from the OMNeT++ wiki:

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